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Food webs revealed

Determining exactly what eats what remains a fundamental question in modern ecology and this task is particularly challenging for biologists studying small organisms, which make up the bulk of the biomass in ecosystems. To add interest, a number of these tiny creatures with unknown diets are medically and/or economically important disease vectors. Read more ... [more]

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When genomics meets marine ecology

DNA characterization has given us new means to understand the morphological disparity and the lack thereof among organisms. It has also provided new methods for grasping the evolutionary context and phylogenetic history of diversity. These new technologies have already made a large impact in most fields of biology, not least ... [more]

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Fish stock collapse

Experts have forewarned since years that Oceans are drastically overfished. The new report "State of the world Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA)" shows the extent of this tragedy.

  • 25% of all fish stocks is endangered
  • of these 17% are critically overused and 7% are declining rapidly
  • about 52% ... [more]

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